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Bathroom Remodels in Southern Maryland

Specialties included a wide variety of design, but the most stunning were commercial bathroom ideas. From simple and quaint to modern and exotic, bathroom remodels. The eye for detail with any shower tiling could take a bathroom from just a bathroom to a work of art.

Have you been considering a home renovation? People often make the mistake of trying to design their remodel on their own and then call up a contractor to come out and make their dreams a reality. Sadly, we’ve seen that this often creates more work for the homeowner and the contractor. Paint colors don’t look right with the cabinet colors and the other finished may have to be replaced more than once.

Having an architect take a look at your bathroom remodel project may seem a little much at first, but once Kathy Schaffer’s team gives your approved plans to a contractor, you have nothing else to worry about. Unless, of course, you change your mind from a black wall to a white wall.

Kitchen Remodels in St Marys County

It is no secret that a kitchen remodel can increase a home’s selling value. The designs have to come from somewhere. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you can redesign your kitchen all by yourself. You may have some great ideas, but the contractor’s job shouldn’t have to be to translate your abstract ideas into what you want.

Calling an architect to help with your kitchen remodel will enable to you to deliver professional plans to your contractor. This will allow for a quicker project that has a better chance of being finished on time. A bonus is that you don’t have to answer as many phone calls from your contractor. If there’s a question about the design, the contractor will call us, your architect, and we will be able to help him with any questions about the plans for your new kitchen.

More detail will be coming soon on how incredible the remodeling projects were and how much customers loved her work.

About Kathy Schaffer

Kathryn Marsh Shaffer, AIA is an American Architect, licensed in the States of California, Hawaii, Louisiana, Texas and Connecticut and certified by the National Council of Registration Boards (NCARB) that allows her reciprocity with other states.

In 2004, she began her firm Kathryn Shaffer Architect completing architecture and related engineering on various types of public and private projects. During it’s incorporation in 2008-2011, the firm continued it’s work under the name Kathy Shaffer Architect, Inc. (KSA). She offered her services to a kitchen design Warwick company for a few short years as well.

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