Green Building Philosophy

Green Building Philosophy


KSA' philospohy for Green Building can best be described with a quote from Helman Sechrist:

Much of what constitutes “green” initiatives have been standard practice in the building design process from the beginning. Efficiency of design, energy and building systems has always been top priority in adding value to the client deliverable. The current mainstream mandate only underscores and adds credibility to an important aspect of our process." - Helman Sechrist, 2011.

KSA's adopted Green Building Codes:

For residential projects, we have adopted the ANSI-approved ICC 700 National Green Building Standard, recognized nationally for it's residential green certifcation program.

For all of our projects we have adopted the 2009 International Energy Conservation Code developed by the ICC (International Code Council), the basis for almost all State and Local Building Codes.

All of our projects are minimum LEED Silver Certifiable. Projects that exclusively take plan in California follow CALGreen, one of the most in depth, all-encompassing codes written.

KSA has received recognition for her Green Designs:

Building Green Goes Mainstream