Planning, Transit Oriented Development, Urban Entertainment Centers


Old San Simeon Village

KSA 2010 study for the hypothetical development of San Simeon.

San Simeon Village Interior  

700 Block of El Camino Real 

KSA study for new mid-rise mixed-use buildings in an existing industrial area.

700 block of ECR Commercial Alley

600 Block of Bridgeway 

KSA study for the hypothetical conversion of a building to a mixed-use hotel.

With Others (built):

Commercial Centers 

Project Architect at SGPA (1998-99):

Emerald Fund, Alemany Boulevard, San Francisco
South Shore Center, Harsch Investments, Alameda

Design Architect at Brown McDaniel (1995-96):

Macarthur Center, Norfolk, VA
Woodfield Mall Parking Deck,Schaumburg, IL

Residential Communities:

Project Architect at Robert Lamb Hart Planners & Architects (1993-94):

Rancho La Quinta

Rancho San Carlos

Urban Entertainment Centers:

Project Architect at DPA (1988-90):

Syracuse Lakefront

Carousel Center