Selected "On the Boards" - Seaside, Oregon New Residence

New Residence in Seaside Oregon

Design Drawings 2017 and existing lot image 2015

New Ranch House in Seaside, Oregon

A family in Portland wanted to build a duplex on a corner lot in the oceanside vacation town of Seaside, Oregon. They liked the architectural style of post WWII architect, Cliff May, father of the Western Ranch House and builder and designer of many other notable residences in the San Francisco Bay Area.

This design follows the basis of design of the Ranch House Duplex Design, P. 103, Western Ranch Houses, by Sunset Magazine and Lane Publishing Co, 1946.

A shared tower and laundry building is centralized to be able to view the ocean to the West (left) and each unit has a private courtyard with Southern exposure.  The project also employs sustainable construction techniques and a solar panel system that ties back into the grid is planned.

Existing site:

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