Portfolio - Future - Mixed Used 


757 & 701  El Camino Real

Conceptual design and planning for 2 new 8 story mixed use buildings with 1 level of stores and restaurants and 7 levels of condominiums.  The design is modeled after the Art Nouveau style.. More detail through links directly below. Status: On hold.

757 El Camino Real Exterior Elevation Aerial photo

Sausalito Post Office (theoretical)

Conceptual design and planning for converting an existing post office into a Harbor Master's office, retail shopping, and service center near downtown Sausalito, California.

Perspective rendering

Purity Grocery Store Renovation (theoretical)

Bridgeway at Yee Chok Tee Park, Sausalito.

Perspective rendering

St. Vincent's (theoretical)

Theoretical conversion of 555 Sixth Ave.into condominium housing with underground parking.

Perspective rendering