Resort / Hospitality Architecture

Sunriver Oregon

Village at Sunriver (unbuilt)

2007. Six story podium type structure with four levels of condominium hotel rooms over two levels of retail. Status: pending funding. For more information click below:
RenderingsThe Village At Sunriver Homepage

The Hacienda (with others, built)

1997. Prior to starting the firm, Shaffer was Project Architect and Designer at RLH and one of her projects was the conversion of the existing four story Hacienda on an historic ranch into guest accomodations and a conference center in Monterey County, California. For more information click below and see 

The Hacienda

El Portal Hotel (with others, built)

In 1995, prior to starting the firm, Kathryn Shaffer was Project Architect on the four story El Portal Hotel on the waterfront.

On this project, a large portion of the project was code related and design oriented enough to ensure the existing building met Planning guidelines. For more information click below:

: El Portal

Destiny Hotel (with others, high-rise, unbuilt)

In 1989, prior to starting the firm, Shaffer was project architect at DPA where they were in the early planning stages of phase II of Carousel Center, a 40 plus store high rise hotel tower overlooking Lake Onondaga. One of Shaffer's current collaborators continued on with the design. MWT and BBG collaborated.