Historic Evaluation / Restoration (Internship)

Old Louisiana State Capitol

Center for Political and Governmental History

Baton Rouge, LA

McNaughton Architects

During Shaffer's internship in 1987, she had the opportunity to work for the architectural firm that was the architect for the Restoration of the Louisiana Old State Capitol in Baton Rouge, Louisiana (McNaughton Architects). 

One of the few examples of Gothic Revival Architecture built in the US, the building was designed by architect James Harrison Dakin and built in 1850. In the late 1980s it was decided to place the building on the Lousiana State Museum System.  McNaughton Architects role in this two phase project was to document the condition of the structure and oversee the restoration of the building to a chosen time period (the building had undergone several incarnations). McNaughton Architects

Construction of the project was completed after leaving the firm. For an article on the 12 year 2 phase process see <Preservation in Print>