Selected "On the Boards" - Sunset District Historic Remodel

Sunset Historic Restoration

Construction Progress photo 2017

Remodel and Retrofit in San Francisco's Historic Sunset District

A family in San Francisco wants to add a tower to their home in the Avenues so they can see the ocean as well as upgrade the entire house. Located in the "Sunset" in San Francisco. 

One aspect of the project  was to "green" the neighborhood by using environmentally friendly materials and design to increase natural ventilation and air flow through the house (the Stack effect) 

Structurally and spatially, the tower worked best on the North (left) side of the house but after meeting with the neighbors and studying shadows, it was decided the tower would cause the least impact and still work structurally and spatially by being located on the South wall as it is here. The exterior spiral stair to the tower roof deck can be seen in the center beyond. 

Construction progress photo Street view

Tower level Construction progress photo, January 2017

Interior construction photo Construction progress photo, January 2017

Design Early design sketch, 2012

Existing home:

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